Customer Support

Let’s get to what’s important: 24-hour-a-day, 365-day-a-year support – bottom line, we’re always here, especially during peak seasons. Service, parts and product professionals ready to answer questions, troubleshoot and assist in any way possible to minimize downtime and keep operators on the road.

Plus, New Leader dealers train thoroughly in our Certified Technician (C-Tech) program, created to make them experts in our products – just like we are. They complete rigorous training and renew their certification annually, so you have the best of the best at your disposal any time you need them.

C-Tech Info

We also make it easy to find the resources to keep rolling no matter what, with intuitive troubleshooting tools like our Service Advisor. Also at operators’ fingertips online: software updates, warranty information and current operator manuals, parts manuals and specifications. Can’t find it online? We’ll find it for you – simply contact our Service Team:

Phone: (800) 363-1771  |  Email: