The goal of the New Leader Certified Technician (C-Tech) program is to help dealerships reduce repair expenses while increasing end-users’ satisfaction with New Leader Products.

Certification Requirements:

  • Technicians must attend training and pass a proficiency test at New Leader Manufacturing (NLM) headquarters in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
  • Basic hydraulics and control experience is required to attend technician training.
  • Technicians will be required to pass a yearly online training class to remain certified following the initial training at NLM headquarters.
  • Technicians will also be required to attend training at NLM headquarters when a new product is released unless dealership chooses not to promote and sell the new product.

Individuals can achieve two (2) levels of certification:

  • Master C-Tech –
    • Test score of 95% and above, and can provide a copy of one controller manufacturer certification. In order to retain Master C-Tech status, a technician must score 95% and above on recertification test.

                     *A recertification test score of 80% to 94.9% will result in the technician’s certification level changing to C-Tech.

  • C-Tech –
    • Test score of 80% to 94.9%. In order to retain C-Tech status, a technician must score 80% and above on recertification test.